Buangkok Square in Hougang

With a gross floor area of about 7,900 sqm, Buangkok Square will be a central focal point of the upcoming housing parcels in Hougang Neighbourhood. Bounded by Buangkok Link and Buangkok Crescent, Buangkok Square offers a community plaza that is integrated with the neighbourhood park, allowing residents to meet up and connect with one another, enjoy the dynamic and bustling new Neighbourhood Centre within the development.

Its design capitalizes on its unique site terrain, as residents are ushered in from the higher north end of the development through a shopping mall to the community plaza. The community plaza is integrated with its adjacent neighbourhood park, providing more opportunities for community bonding and interaction. Buangkok Square is expected to be completed in 2018

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You can also take advantage of the wide range of recreational facilities offered for both the young and old. Children can enjoy some fun and games at the playground while the adults and elderly keep fit at the fitness stations. A precinct pavilion, a plaza and some rest shelters are also provided for gatherings or rest and relaxation.

A Neighbourhood Centre comprising shops, a foodcourt, food outlets, a supermarket and enrichment centres, will be integrated within the development. It offers a diverse array of food and shopping choices right at your doorstep. In addition, a community plaza located in front of the Neighbourhood Centre will serve as a great place to meet up and connect with other residents.

A neighbourhood park lies adjacent to Buangkok Square. Besides having facilities like playgrounds, fitness stations and rest shelters, there will also be educational sculptures from which children can learn exciting facts about local history.

Sheltered Community Plaza, integrated with neighbourhood park
The sheltered community plaza is well integrated with the adjacent neighbourhood
park. Residents can stroll around rain gardens, enjoy facilities like playgrounds,
fitness stations and shelters. They could also learn about local history from the
educational sculptures of kampung animals.

Facilities within Easy Reach
A porous interior facilitates visibility and access to the retail shops, kiosks, dining
outlets, enrichment centres and the park.

Ease of Access
A 24-hour access thoroughfare through the development leads residents to the
residential blocks behind.

Connection to Residential Blocks
Accessibility to the neighbourhood centre is designed with careful consideration for
all, including the elderly and physically disabled. It is well-connected to residential
blocks at the ground level and via link bridge.

Buangkok Square is connected to surrounding residential blocks at the ground level and via link bridges