Comparison – Signature at Yishun EC and The Criterion EC units


For those of you who are unaware, Signature at Yishun EC and The Criterion EC are just right next to each other. 2 ECs of such close proximity to each other launching around the same period is definitely a first in history. Needless to say, buyers will once again be very much spoilt for choice.

Torn between Signature at Yishun EC and The Criterion EC? This would be a piece of useful information for you. Apart from the credential of the developers, the overall design concept of the respective ECs, type of furnishings and so on, the other important aspect you should take note, would be the layout. You can decide for yourself which layout best suits your requirement.

The above chart compares both the 3 Bedroom Premium and 4 Bedroom Premium type for both ECs.

For the 3 Bedroom Premium, we are comparing Signature at Yishun EC Type C1 with The Criterion EC Type B10. Both unit size are 102 sqm, however it is clearly shown that area of focus is slightly different. Signature at Yishun EC favors more on the living room and kitchen. Whereas The Criterion EC favors lifestyle by giving a much more generous size balcony. Bedroom sizes for both types differs in configuration. Signature at Yishun EC offers uniformed size common rooms; The Criterion EC offers 1 much bigger common room but sacrifices the last room with size just 7.4 sqm.

For the 4 Bedroom Premium, in terms if unit size, Signature at Yishun EC Type E1 is slightly bigger than The Criterion EC’s Type C3. Let’s take a closer look in detail. Signature at Yishun’s kitchen size is significantly smaller, due to the fact that there is a dry kitchen included in the dining area. Bedroom sizes are very much on par. Just that for The Criterion EC, balcony size has shrunk significantly, compared to their own 3 Bedroom Premium.