Northshore Plaza in Punggol

Located in the heart of Northshore District in Punggol Eco-Town, Northshore Plaza is the first sea-front neighbourhood centre to be built in an HDB estate. With a gross floor area of about 19,500 sqm, Northshore Plaza will house a supermarket, food courts, restaurants, shops, childcare centres and enrichment centres. It is expected to be completed in 2020.

Beyond the commercial facilities, Northshore Plaza is also designed with a comprehensive network of community spaces that enhances accessibility. The Community Spine provides a seamless connection from Samudera LRT Station to the adjacent housing precincts, as well as to the Punggol Promenade, allowing convenient and sheltered access to the waterfront. The two-level Community Spine, which is lined with commercial facilities, offers residents a waterfront shopping experience, even as it provides seamless and convenient connectivity.

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Northshore Plaza, the first “Smart and Sustainable District” in Singapore

Northshore Plaza is well integrated with the surrounding public housing parcels,
Common Green and waterfront promenade. Designed with a variety of community
spaces, Northshore Plaza will be a new waterfront destination for the community.
Residents will enjoy the convenience of shops, a supermarket, food courts,
restaurants, enrichment centres, and a childcare centre, right at their doorstep.

Integrated with surrounding facilities
Seamless connectivity is provided from the Samudera LRT station through the
Community Spine in Northshore Plaza to the waterfront promenade. Northshore
Plaza is also connected to the adjacent public housing precincts through link ways
and link bridges.

Common Green and Community Pods
The Common Green is a park lined with lush greenery, and comes with fitness
stations, a playground and a dragonfly pond. Residents and visitors can mingle at
the pods located on the second level of the Community Spine.

Community Plaza
The plaza is a sheltered space for activities and events. It also serves as a
gathering space for family and friends.
Smart Solutions of Northshore Plaza
In line with Northshore as a Smart and sustainable district, Smart solutions will be
installed and test-bedded in Northshore Plaza, such as:
• Smart Car Park Management System – Parking demand is monitored, and
unused season parking lots are temporarily released to visitors.
• Smart Fans – Activated by wind speed, temperature and human traffic
patterns, the fans improve comfort levels in common areas while ensuring
efficient energy usage.
• Smart Lighting – Lighting levels in common areas are adjusted based on
human traffic patterns, thus reducing energy usage.
• Smart Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System – Waste disposal, recycling
patterns and volumes are monitored to optimise the deployment of resources
for waste collection.