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Executive Condominium (EC) units are launched by property developers, and you may contact them directly if you wish to buy one.

Sales launches

Check out the list of EC projects and their Temporary Occupation Permit dates below, and lookout for the upcoming EC project launches:

Please check the eligibility conditions for buying an EC unit. You have to engage a solicitor to act for you in the conveyancing matters. Do also arrange with a financial institution for a housing loan if you need one, and check with CPF Board on the use of your CPF Ordinary Account savings to pay for the EC unit.

Sale of EC units on the open market

EC owners may put up their unit for sale on the open market once they have met the minimum occupation period (MOP) from the date of Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP).

If you are looking to buy an EC unit on the open market that have met the MOP, please check if you meet the following eligibility conditions. Please note that these are considered private properties and the resale transaction will be completed by your solicitors at their office.

Purchase of resale EC units is not eligible for any CPF housing grants. Second-timers are not required to pay a resale levy when buying an EC unit that have met the MOP on the open market.

Eligibility conditions

Family nucleusCan be single or family
  • To buy an EC that has obtained the TOP within the last 10 years, you must be either a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)
  • To buy an EC that has obtained the TOP for more than 10 years, there is no citizenship requirement. Foreigners and corporate bodies can buy such properties

Check out the list of EC TOP dates

  • Aged at least 21 for individuals
  • No age requirement for corporate bodies
Monthly household income ceilingThere is no monthly household income ceiling
Property ownershipAs resale EC units are private residential property:
  • If you own an existing HDB flat, please check that you have met the MOP for your flat before buying a resale EC unit. You have to continue living in the HDB flat unless you have obtained HDB’s prior approval to rent* it out
    * There are eligibility conditions that you and your tenants have to meet
  • SPR households must dispose of their HDB flats within 6 months of buying a resale EC unit
  • There is no requirement to dispose of your existing private properties after buying a resale EC unit

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